LeRoy & Natalie

Allen's interests are varied. He enjoys playing football and tolerates baseball. He has played a number of different instruments in the Plateau Elementary School Orchestra and Band, including Cello, Clarinet, and Saxophone. He also enjoys playing XBox, Game Cube and the Sims on the PC.

1992. That's Allen on the right and his big brother Max on the left.

2000 Wolves Rookies Photo. This was Allen's 2nd year playing football.

After a hard game. Allen has been one of the veterans on the Eastlake Wolves Jr. Football team. 2005 will be his 7th year on the team.

Checking out what lurks in common Seawater! Allen's 6th grade class went out into Puget Sound for a Marine Science Fieldtrip. Here he is examining a specimen taken from deep below the surface.

2004 Little League Majors Yankees. Allen played Right Field, providing hard hitting and a level of effort that impressed his coaches. Go Allen!

2004 Summer Vacation. Allen and Mom riding the Ferris Wheel at Silverwood Park in Idaho.

While on vacation during the summer of 2004, Allen and his mom took a trip to Cat Tales Wild Animal Park in Spokane, where he fed a Tiger. He DID return with all of his fingers intact!

2004 Wolves. After playing on the Defensive Line for most of his career, Allen switched to the Offense, where he plays Center, this year.

May, 2005. Camping along the Bumping River. Here, Allen is spending some quality time with the family dog, Sadie.

July, 2005. Allen spent 3 weeks on a Coming of Age Journey hiking in the Olympic Mountains and along the Washington Coast. Here are the 2 groups of youths and counselors (a boys group and a girls group) that spent this time together, upon their return (Allen is standing, second from the right).

Here's Allen with some of his teammates from the 2005 Wolves Seniors team. Allen played center for the team once again.

Allen and his cousin Jessica, taking a catnap while the families were camping in the Summer of 2006.

2007 Eastlake Homecoming. Allen went stag (this time).

2008. Reading one of the Twilight books while camping at Perrygin Lake.

Dreaming at the 2009 Kirkland Concours d'Elegance...