LeRoy & Natalie

As can be seen throughout the rest of the website, LeRoy takes a LOT of pictures. This page is intended to highlight some of the, shall we say, more esoteric/artistic images that he has captured over the years. Many nature shots, a few automotive, some just plain weird...

Part of the White River finding a new path after a stormy winter.

This was the view out our hotel room window each night when we visited Disneyland over Christmas Break, 2003.

NAD C525BEE CD Player Carver C-1 Pre-Amplifier Carver M-500T Amplifier    251 Watts/Channel

An old (I believe) Twin City-MM tractor captured in Northern Montana.

Another old tractor, this one an Oliver that my cousin drove in his youth.

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park at Dusk.

Point No Point Lighthouse - Hansville, WA.

Just a dew-covered flower...

Minutes from home...

A well-lit path to the unknown...

Dreaming of a White Christmas. Many subtle images in this one...

Dusk at Deception Pass, Part 1

Dusk at Deception Pass, Part 2

A beautiful old Bug (Bugatti, that is)

Miss Bardahl, U-40.