LeRoy & Natalie

One of the things that our family has done as long as we've been a family has been to go camping. We started out in a tent back when it was just LeRoy, Natalie, and Max, moved up to Truck Campers when Allen and Erik were small and, now, enjoy camping in our Coleman Cheyenne popup.

We've been all over the Western United States and British Columbia. From the Pacific Ocean to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.

Most of our camping has been done in State and NPS Campgrounds but we have recently joined a membership resort called K/M and are enjoying visiting these campgrounds as well.

Here you'll find some photographs documenting some of our travels in search of the perfect campsite.

Spring, 1992. Allen was just a baby when we spent a nice weekend at Penrose Point State Park with some friends. This is our first Truck and Camper setup.

Summer, 1992. Max and Allen out hiking while we were camping in the Olympic National Park.

1994 Yellowstone NP. Here's our next rig, a Western Wilderness Camper on a 1993 F250 S/C. This picture was taken at the tail end of the trip, in Richland, WA.

June, 1997. Camping with the Snyder family at Crow Butte SP along the Columbia River. From the left are, Douglas, Tressa, Darcia, Erik, Daniel, Donald, Tim (the Chef!), Allen, and Thomas. Our first PU, a 1993 Coleman Destiny Royale, can be seen in the background.

July, 1997. Camping with our church community, Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church at Fort Canby, WA (at the mouth of the Columbia River). This has been an annual campout since 1991.

July 2001. Church campout at Fort Flagler on Puget Sound, near Port Townsend, WA.

4th of July, 2002 in Wenatchee, WA...Natalie, sister Darcia, and Don Douglass are waiting for the fireworks to begin.

July, 2002. Camping at Mt. St. Helens, WA. LeRoy at the visitor's center at Johnston Ridge.

July, 2002. Cousin Daniel Douglass, Allen, and Erik with Mt. St. Helens in the background.

Labor Day, 2002. Natalie and brother Jeffri Smith stopping along the trail while hiking near Diablo Dam.

June, 2003. Our first camping trip with the new Coleman Cheyenne PU. LeRoy drove to Spokane, WA early on Saturday morning. Natalie and the boys met him at Wannapum State Park near Vantage, WA. The boys were quite surprised to see the new PU!

4th of July, 2003. Smith Family campout, this year at Twin Harbors State Park on the Pacific Ocean near Westport, WA.

July, 2003. Church campout at Penrose Point SP, on Puget Sound near Home, WA. Erik is warming up by the morning fire before breakfast.

August, 2003. Erik, cousin Alex Griffin, and Allen working on their Jr. Ranger badges in Mt. Rainier NP during a family campout with the Mietzner family.

August, 2003. Allen and Alex, playing GBA

April, 2004. Camping at Beachwood Resort in Blaine, WA. We joined K/M Resorts this past year to have a camping experience that is different from State and National Forest Service campgrounds. We have been quite happy with this decision, as it gives the boys different activities, such as swimming pools (3), saunas, tennis courts, etc.

Beachwood Resort Clubhouse.

May, 2004. Early one morning at Silver Springs NP, near Mt. Rainier, WA LeRoy went exploring and took some misty photos down by the river.

June, 2004. Camping at Newhalem NFS park along the North Cascades Highway. This was a campout arranged by vicr, a member of the NW Popup Club. LeRoy's sister, Kerri York, and family (husband David and son Ian) also came over from Spokane. What a beautiful campground!

4th of July, 2004. Brother in law Don Douglass fixing breakfast. We were staying with the Smith family at Upper Johnny Creek, near Leavenworth, WA, in 4 campsites. That's Jeffri and Sandy's friend/neighbor, Antoinette, in the background

Everybody camping in Leavenworth - 20044th of July, 2004. The Smith Family Campout. What a great group!

July, 2004. Church campout at Twin Harbors State Park. This was the church's first time back to Twin Harbors since 2000. Once again it was a wonderful time.

August, 2004. Camping with LeRoy's sisters' families. Here we are at Logan Pass at the summit of the Going-to-the-Sun Highway in Glacier NP. Front Row, l-r, Jeanette Griffin, Kerri York, Erik, Natalie, Allen, and Sadie. Back Row, l-r, Alex Griffin, Paul Griffin, Ian York, and LeRoy. Kerri's husband, David, was stationed in the middle east with the Air Force at the time. 

April, 2005. Spring Break found us camping at Kayak Point County Park for a *very* rainy weekend. Here we are all packed up and ready to head home. That's our new TV (tow vehicle), a 2004 Ford Expedition.

May, 2005. Is he sleeping or is he reading? Memorial Day Weekend we went camping along the Bumping River with the Smith family. Here, LeRoy tries out his new hammock while enjoying a book.

May, 2005. Group photo from the Smith Family Memorial Day campout.

2006 Camping in the Springtime. This was "just the boys" camping during Spring Break at one of our favorite spots...in the trees at Beachwood.

2007 - Natalie, Allen and Erik playing a round of Golf at Maple Grove, near Randall, WA.

2007 - In the grove at Maple Grove, camping on the green.

2008 - Roasting marshmallows around the fire at Perrygin Lake, near Winthrop, WA. Erik, friend Trystan, and Allen.

2009 - Labor Day Weekend. Sometimes it rains. And rains. And rains. This weekend was like that, but it was still wonderful fun camping with the Smith Family.