LeRoy & Natalie

Max is our oldest and is at that age where he is figuring out what to do with his life.

Olympic National Park Camping 1992. This was about the wettest camping trip that we have ever experienced (well, perhaps the NEXT time we camped here was just as wet...maybe that's why they call it a RAIN FOREST!)

2002, Mt. St. Helens. Just before Max left to live with his biological father Jack the family took a trip to Mt. St. Helens. Here he is in a quiet moment.

During one of Max's visits home the family went to Woodland Park Zoo. Here's Max sitting and talking with Grandpa Mietzner.

This picture was taken at the wedding of Max's Aunt Nina McNamara and Steve Lang in June, 2003.

Christmas morning, 2003. Just about the time we announced that the family was going on a surprise trip to Disneyland that day.

Hanging out on Olivera Street, 2003.

Christmas, 2004. One of the few times Max has allowed a picture to be taken of him!

In April, 2005 Max's Cousin Tim returned from Brazil with his bride Lucianne (whom he had married two years before). There was a reception in their honor and Max stood still long enough for this photo.